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Fighting Leaders

September 12, 2009

From March 16, 2009

Abba, I know that many of your precious leaders, their families and their loved ones have been sick. Many have been in physical pain for a very long time and continue to suffer. Some are extremely discouraged and are shaken. Some are weak and struggling. Oh, Abba, I know that You love each and every one of them so very much. Please wrap Your loving arms around them all in such a way that they can feel it. Make Your presence felt, Abba, in such a strong way. Comfort them. Heal them with Your Shalom. Fill them with Your Spirit and Your peace that is like no other.

Abba, You have leaders who are fighting against the Babylonian culture in which we leave. They are taking a stand and walking and talking Your ways as best they can. They are targets of our adversary. They are making enemies of those whose hearts are not with You. Please protect them and their families and loved ones. Give them Your courage to stand strong. Help them to teach us correctly. Bring to them those who will stand with them…no matter what. Bring together, Abba, Your people who refuse to compromise with the world.

Give Your leaders wisdom. We can see so many things coming…things that do not really surprise us for You warned about these very things. We see false teachers arising from amongst the believers. We see heretical teachings coming from pulpits all across this nation. We see people wishing to have their ears tickled so that they refuse to hear sound doctrine. We see a country so filled with the iniquities of the worldly lifestyles of death. Have mercy upon us, O Lord! Help us to not be swept away by this culture! Help us to stand separate! Help our leaders to teach wisely according to the times we live in and always according to Your word…and Your word alone…not according to the philosophies of man.

Thank You so much, Abba, for Your leaders…for Your shepherds…for those who are willing to walk alongside of us and help us to know and understand Your ways! Bless them, Abba. Provide for them. Heal them. Strengthen them. Amen and amen!

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