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Praying for Leaders & Their Families

September 24, 2009

Abba, sometimes things happen in life that really blindside us. Sometimes Your people feet as if they have been hit so hard…and they have, for we have a spiritual enemy who seeks to destroy us all. Your leaders are especially targeted. Our adversary wishes that none will teach, that none will lead, that none will follow Yeshua. Even worse, he seeks to destroy all witnesses, all testimonies. He wishes to bring all of Your people down in ways that will cause the world to think evil of us and of You.

Abba, Your leaders are being watched by many. Some are watching them as examples. Some are watching them to see if they will stand or if they will fall. Some are looking for opportunities to help trip them up. Protect them and their families, Abba. Help them to be strong…to always serve You.

I pray that the leaders You have raised up in Your body will hold fast to the Truth…that they will sense Your comfort…that they will have Your wisdom. Please give them discernment so that they may know what is going on around them. Do not allow the enemy to infiltrate into their groups to bring them harm. Rather, may those who infiltrate for the purpose of bringing harm be won over into Your kingdom!

Abba, please help those in Your body to view Your leaders in the proper way. Do not allow them to put Your leaders on pedestals. Do not allow them to forget that these are brothers and sisters in Yeshua who are just as human as they are. They are going to have struggles…just like everyone else. Please help us in the body to always remember that Your leaders, too, need a safe place to land…a safe place to share and be encouraged.

Please help us all to pull together with all of the spiritual gifts You have blessed us with. Help us to be responsible to work together with Your leaders for Your glory…according to Your plans and purposes. May we minister to one another…including to Your leaders.

Please bring Your healing Shalom, Your comfort, Your strength, Your provision.

I praise You and thank You that You are the Mighty El/God! You are Adonai ELOHIM Tzva’ot/Lord God of Hosts! You are Yahweh Shalom! You are Mashiach/Messiah! You are Yeshua, the Sar Shalom/Prince of Peace! You are the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit who indwells us and who teaches us and gives us wisdom!

Thank You that You have every hair on our head counted. Thank You that You see every thought, every move, every plan that we have. May our hearts’ desires line up with the desires of Your heart.

Abba, may we never forget that there is not only a narrow gate, but there is also a narrow path! May Your leaders not only discern Your truths correctly, but may they teach them loudly and firmly as they speak with the authority that You have given us all in Yeshua! May they, and we, always speak with a deep, abiding love for those who are listening. May we all remember that truth without real love is a bludgeoning tool and love without truth leads to the pit of hell. Your people and the lost need to hear the truth firmly shared in grieving love as they are introduced to the One who IS the Truth!

Abba, help Your leaders to stand firm…no matter what the enemy sends their way. Keep a hedge about them and help them to stand solidly on the Rock of Yeshua. You are our shield. You are our rock. You are a strong tower that we can run into. May they, and we, always remember that, especially in the days ahead of us.

Abba, I ask all of these things in the mighty name of Your Son, Yeshua, our Mashiach! Amen and amen!

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