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Prayer For Leaders & Families in Uncertain Times

October 1, 2009

Abba…Your people are facing uncertain times. They need Your rest…Your healing Shalom/peace. They also need to stand strong. Yeshua said that we would have trials and tribulations in this world. James tells us to count it as joy to experience trials and then lists the benefits they bring. So please help Your people to have peace in the midst of the various trials they are going through.

Abba, I think especially of those You have called into leadership…those that people look up to. What an extra responsibility they have to be faithful and true to You and to Your word as they teach, counsel and lead others. Give them Your wisdom. May Your Ruach/Spirit lead them in all they do. Give them the insights they need to help keep themselves and others on the right path…the narrow path.

Raise up the little ones, Abba. May they grow and stay strong in You. May they be fully surrendered to You and may they rise up to fill the adults’ footsteps. May they be a new generation for Your will doing Your kingdom work. May we adults be faithful to raise them up in Your ways, sheltering them from the ways of the world and teaching them to walk Your narrow path.

Abba, send Your Spirit of peace to guard the hearts and minds of Your children. Give us Your rest deep within our hearts. May we truly trust You in all things…knowing that nothing happens that You do not either cause or allow. You are sovereign…in control.

May we always stay focused on You. May our hearts be filled with Your love and Spirit. May we show Your light to a dark world. May we be willing to be living sacrifices for You…in all areas of our lives. In a world where so many are lukewarm and living in the shadows, may we be on fire for You and living in the light…dispelling the darkness around us. May we keep our spiritual armor on and teach others to do the same.

Abba, help us to recognize what things are truly significant and what things are not. Show us the things that hinder us and help us to remove those things. Take from us the things we cannot shed on our own. Place us in groups of believers who will lift us up and encourage us to walk strong.

Abba, Your leaders and their families play a special role in the body of Yeshua. Lead them and guide them in that role. Protect them. Please put a hedge about them, protecting them from needless spiritual attack. Surround them with strong believers who will support them and be there for them…who will be trustworthy confidantes. Help them to always remember that they can truly trust Yeshua and take Him at His word.

I praise You, Abba. You are the awesome Father, sending Your Son, the Messiah, and the Ruach/Spirit who ever indwells Your children. Thank You for loving us SO much and for being so faithful even in the face of our unfaithfulness and human feebleness. Thank You for being willing to forgive the truly repentant, knowing that we are dust and unable to perfectly keep Your Torah…Your teachings…Your commands. Thank You for calling us Your children. Thank You, Yeshua, for calling us Your friends. Thank You that we will all some day be with You…Your bride. Thank You for the new earth and new heaven to come. Thank You for the future in which there will be no dying and no sickness. Thank You that You will be the one who wipes our tears…tears of joy as we worship You and love You in ways that go so far beyond what we are capable of here. Thank You that we can trust You to finish what You have started within us. Thank You that You hold onto us and will not let go. Thank You!

b’shem Yeshua

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