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Restoring the Operating System!

October 8, 2009

PC Laptop 20091008 025

My PC was not working right.  One browser would not load at all and other programs were starting to become unstable. I needed to do something to get it back to the way it should be…to get it working properly again. It’s Operating System (OS) was somehow corrupted, causing it to not “think” correctly. If it cannot “think” correctly, it cannot work well. So…I did a restore. I “fixed” the operating system so that it would do what it was designed to do.

Now, I am not a PC programmer. I did not design my PC and I have no idea what is needed to fix it. That is something that only the people who designed it know and understand. That is why they include a disk with my PC. That disk contains the information needed to replace the bad files on my PC. My PC cannot fix itself…it needs me to do it.

We can be like that PC. Humans were designed and created for a purpose. We were given hearts, minds and souls that were very adequate for our lives here. Then came the Fall. Sin entered the world and it corrupted our “Operating System”…our hearts. It also put up a wall between us and our Creator. With a corrupted heart, our minds and souls no longer work right. We need to be “restored”.

Just as my PC could not fix itself, neither can we fix ourselves. Just as I needed to look to the designers of my PC to get it restored, we need to look to our Designer to get us restored. We need to look to our Creator.

Only our Creator understands our “OS”. Only He understands what is needed to get us working right again. We did not come with restore disks like PC’s do. However, we have been given something that similar. It is called God’s Word.

God’s Word is twofold. Yeshua/Jesus is called the Word. He is the living Word. The first level of restoration is that we need to have the wall between us and our Creator removed. That is what Yeshua came to do. He took onto Himself all the things we have ever done that contribute to the corrupting of our hearts…and that contribute to the wall between us and our Creator. We owed a debt to our Creator for sinning against Him and against others…and Yeshua paid it for us. When we ask to be forgiven the wall comes down and we are restored to fellowship with our Creator.

So, first we need to ask forgiveness for all the things we have done that contributed to the corruption of our hearts. That restores our “OS”…to a point. PC’s don’t have feelings. They don’t have the free will to make choices like people do. It only does what it is programmed to do. We, on the other hand, make choices all the time. With forgiveness, we are restored to our Creator, but we still need help. We have to deal with how we think for what we think leads to the choices we make.

Our minds are trapped in old thinking patterns. That is where the written word comes into play. The bible tells us how we are supposed to view God, life, ourselves and others.  It teaches us how to live. The more we read the more our minds start changing so that we can understand more and make better choices…choices that line up with the new heart that Yeshua has given us when we asked for forgiveness.

I had the restore disk, but I did not understand how to use it. I needed my hubby, who knows a lot more about PC’s than I do, to help me.  Oftentimes, we do not understand the bible. Well, our Creator took care of that. He sent His Spirit to live inside of us to teach us. Just as my hubby helped me to understand how to restore my PC, the Holy Spirit helps us to understand how to be changed in our thinking.

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