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Do You Have Good Boundaries?

October 9, 2009

Boundaries are for our safety…for our protection. They keep us from going places we shouldn’t go and they keep others from hurting us needlessly. We need to have healthy boundaries in our lives so that our interactions with others will be positive and not negative…as much as it is up to us.

We especially need a high boundary against sin. We don’t want even a little sin to get over that wall. For if a little one gets over…it always seems to manage to bring some others with it. Next thing you know, there are all kinds of other sins in our lives. We needn’t let sin in, however, for 0ur heavenly Abba promises that He will never allow us to be tempted beyond what we are able to endure. He always provides a way of escape. If we allow that sin to come into our lives, it can ravage our hearts and can even steal our bodies into sickness and death.

While boundaries and high walls against sin are very important, we need to be careful that we are not also shutting out good things. If we are not careful, they will also keep out those whom we should let in. Our heavenly Abba/Father sends people into our lives to challenge us, to help us grow and to love on us. Sometimes we miss out on good things because our boundaries are SO high.

What kind of boundaries do you have? Are they so open as to be practically non-existent? Are they so high and so strong that they don’t allow for any freedom of healthy exchange with others?

Keep the sin out…but make sure you allow the love of Yahweh in. Allow His Ruach…His Spirit…to come in and change you…to touch you and heal you. There is nothing like His touch…like His love. He can give peace even in the midst of very difficult circumstances.

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  1. Perez Christina permalink
    October 9, 2009 11:37 pm


    • October 10, 2009 8:38 am

      I would love to hear what you find interesting about it.

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