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Prayer for Leaders & the Time of Year

October 18, 2009

Abba, the times are evil…just as they have been since that first sin in the garden so long ago. But there are times when evil seems to really increase…when hasatan pours out his hatred of You upon Your creation. Please open the eyes of Your people, Abba. Open the eyes of Your leaders that they may preach and teach against the evil acts that some humans deem fit to perpetrate against others. Bring an awareness of how well and alive paganism is today…even in this country…with its rituals of death and destruction.

Abba, this is a time of year when attacks against Your people seem to be strongest in some areas. Your leaders are always targets…and those who understand what is happening during these months…even more so…as are their families. I ask for protection, Abba. Please protect those in leadership. Protect their families. Protect those who are fighting against the evil that is so rampant right now.

Abba, the enemy has infiltrators who work their way into fellowship with Your children like wolves in sheep’s clothing. I pray, Abba, for their salvation. I ask that You nullify the effects of any curses, evil prayers or tactics they may be using against Your people…especially against the children. I ask that You tear down any strongholds that have been erected to protect the lies that any of Your people are believing.

Abba, this is a time of year when the powers of darkness try desperately to discourage Your children…regardless of age or position. He does not want us telling the truth about him and about what is going on. He wants to distract us with attacks from every side and in every area. He attacks our bodies, our finances, our emotions and minds, our relationships, our unity as a body. He wants to sow seeds of discord and petty disagreements and quick offenses.

Abba, I praise You that You are sovereign. You reign over all. Even when it may seem as if hasatan (the adversary) is getting the upper hand…he is NOT! Nothing happens that You do not either allow or cause. You use all things for good and against the evil one. You are awesome, O Lord…beyond our comprehension. Your love is more than we can comprehend and Your thoughts are far above our thoughts. Thank You for Your love and protection. Thank You for Your deliverance and healing. Thank You for Your healing Shalom. Thank You that You NEVER leave us or forsake us…regardless of what our adversary wants us to believe.

Abba, there are little ones who are going to die this month. Please watch over them. Please do not allow them to suffer needlessly. Abba, I prefer that You stop these awful acts completely. Please raise up people to speak openly against this evil. Please do not allow it to continue. Thank You for all those who have been blessed to get out of it. Thank You for Your deliverance and healing.

Abba, I ask all these things b’shem Yeshua.

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