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November 6 Prayer

November 6, 2009

Abba, You are awesome! You are magnificent! You have created the whole universe with a word from Your mouth! None can compare with You. Yet, we mere humans persistently take things You have created and make them idols in Your place. Sometimes it is money. Sometimes it is fame. Oftentimes it is ourselves. We place our fleshly desires above You and all the good things You want for us. Forgive us, Abba!

Abba, You are forgiving. You are merciful. You bestow grace upon us. Yet, we tend to forget our sinfulness. We forget the depravities of our souls and the depths to which we can sink. We look at those who have committed what we perceive to be the vilest of acts and forget that “there, but for Your grace, go I”. We tend to forget that all sin is equal in Your eyes. Forgive us, Abba!

Abba, You are just. You will have us give an account for every action we do and every word we utter. You have called us to live holy lives…lives unto You…set apart from the world and all of its ways. Yet, we mere humans take Your justice for granted. We equate the freedom You have given us to be freedom to live as we please rather than freedom to live sin free lives. We presume that, since Yeshua’s blood covers everything, we don’t need to be all that concerned with the details of Your teachings regarding how we should live. We say, “I am free in Yeshua…free from the law!” Yet, it is that very law…Your Torah…that teaches us what sin is…the very sin You have given us the freedom to now be able to NOT commit! Before, we were chained to our old natures…bound to sin. Now, we are free to pursue sinless lives. Yet, we so often excuse sinful things in our lives because of “freedom”. We forget that You are not just a loving and forgiving God…You are a just God. Forgive us, Abba.

Abba, You are so loving! We have no love to even begin to compare with Your love. We have no way to start to understand it. Your love encompasses things like sacrifice and laying down one’s life for another. You paid a debt we owed, but could never pay. You passed judgment and sentenced us…and then sent Your Son, Yeshua, to take the penalty upon Himself. How can we possibly begin to comprehend that kind of love unless we first comprehend the vileness within our own hearts…the darkness that has dwelt within us since birth? We look at others and say “I am not that bad.” Yet, in Your eyes we are ALL the same! None of us can earn Your love. You give it freely. Yet, we tend to presume upon it in so many ways. We say, “He won’t judge us…He loves us! He won’t discipline us…He loves us! Besides…we are free!” Forgive us, Abba, for making light of Your incredible, indescribable love!

Abba, so many of Your leaders are struggling. They have been to seminaries that raise doubts about Your word. So many seminaries now teach that You don’t really mean what You say. They teach evolution instead of what You so plainly wrote in Genesis. Some even teach that Yeshua was not Your Son…or that He did not really raise from the dead! So Your leaders are struggling to discern what is really truth so that they can teach it to the people You have brought to them. Guide them, Abba. Lead them to the truth. Fill them with an unquenchable desire for the truth. Open their eyes to see the deceptions the adversary has brought into the body.

Abba, comfort Your leaders. They are under attack from all sides. hasatan brings people along to discourage them. Abba, please bring Your children alongside Your leaders to encourage them! Raise up an army of believers who see the truth…who see that we are not on the cruise ship that is so often preached nowadays…we are on a battleship! May we follow Your banner only! May we not allow ourselves to be fooled by the false banners of the evil one! Expose his evil deeds and cause Your people to close ranks against the enemy…but NEVER against each other!

Abba, You love us all in the same way. We are all equal in Your sight. Yet, we have allowed ourselves to look up at or down at others instead of across. We elevate leaders to a status that causes them to feel they must hide their own struggles…yet, they are just people like the rest of us. We all have struggles. We tend to expect our leaders to be there for us, but not us for them. Forgive us, Abba, and change the hearts of Your people. We tend to expect Your leaders to do all the ministering. Forgive us, Abba! Raise up a people who are able to see that we ALL are here to minister to others.

Abba, we tend to look down at some who seem to be needier than others. Shame on us! Forgive us, Abba. The idea that some are needier is just an illusion. Those who appear needier are really just those who neediness is more available for us to see. Everyone is needy. Some of us just have our neediness more hidden. We all deserve condemnation. We ALL need a Messiah! You do not rank sin…we do! You do not rank neediness of heart, soul, mind and body…WE do! Forgive us, Abba! Open our hearts to see others as YOU see them…whether they are in leadership or on the streets or in the pew.

Abba, comfort those in leadership who are hurting. Some have lost loved ones…either to death…or to the world. Some are grieving over the hurts of others. Some feel so drained. Fill them up, Abba! Some have financial burdens. Abba, open Your provision. Help us who have so much be willing to give to those who have so little. May we never be selfish with what You have given us to use in Your kingdom.

Hold Your leaders close to Your heart, Abba. Hold them close and help them to sense Your very real presence with them as they go throughout their days. May they hear Your voice and sense Your Ruach/Spirit. Regardless of the ways in which You have called them to minister…and those ways are varied…help them to see Your hand in what they are doing. Speak through them. Sing through them. Write through them. Feed others through them. Clothe others through them. Play through them. Teach through them. Minister through them. And through us all!

b’shem Yeshua!

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  1. altonwoods permalink
    November 6, 2009 11:50 am

    Amen! Thank you for sharing this, I was needing to hear these words today! We truly are on a battleship! I will not forget.

    • November 6, 2009 1:49 pm

      I am glad that it ministered to you! I really feel the time is growing quite short. We need to be recognizing this and doing His work, rather than focusing on ourselves.

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