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Thanksgiving Prayer for Leaders & Their Families

November 24, 2009

Abba, we have so much to be thankful for. Even though things look pretty dark and scary in our country right now, we are still living in a place where we have the freedom to openly worship You. We still have one of the best governmental systems in the world…one founded upon Your word. We have many things…large and small…to be thankful for.

We are all called to be servants in Your kingdom…to serve one another as we serve You. Thank You, Abba, for Your faithful servants. Thank You for those who are willing to be used by You…whether in small ways or big…whether in public ways or private…whether in open positions of authority or in helper/support positions…whether paid or not. Thank You for them all.

Please bless them all, Abba. Touch each one in every area of their need. If they need safety whilst traveling…please give them safety. If they need healing of the body, mind or emotions…please heal them with Your healing Shalom and Your spiritual balm of Gilead. If they need restoration to You or to others…please restore them. If they need reconciliation…please bring that reconciliation. If they need to be freed from worry…fill their hearts and minds with the truth of who You really are…and who they are in You. If they need to be freed from some bondage…deliver them, Abba. If the enemy has deceived them in any way…I pray that You would tear down the strongholds erected to protect the lies they are believing. Expose the work of the enemy and bring Your truth…the truth that sets people free. If they need to forgive…may they forgive. If they need to be forgiven…may they be forgiven. If they need to repent…may they repent. If they need an encouraging word…may they receive that word. If they need someone to walk alongside of them…may someone come to fill that need.

Abba, I lift them up to You, along with their families and loved ones. Some of them are not able to come together during this special day that is set aside for giving thanks. Please minister to each one wherever they are. I especially think of those who are serving in the military. I know they want to be home with their families and are unable to. Be with them in a special way, Abba, and be with their families here at home.

Thank You, Abba, for all You do…for all You are. There is none like You! We praise You! We adore You! Be the center of our lives in every way. Do not allow any of us to stray from the path You have set for us. May we not go to the left or to the right. Rather…may we keep our feet faithful in where they walk. May we keep our hands faithful in what they do. May we keep our eyes faithful in where they look. May we keep our ears faithful in what they listen and pay heed to. May we keep our hearts faithful in what we set them on. May we keep our minds faithful in what we dwell upon.

Thank You, Abba. Every good gift…every perfect gift…comes down from You! Thank You! May we ever hold gratitude in our hearts for Your having created us and for Your redeeming us through Your Son, Yeshua, after our world fell into the darkness of disobedience. May we be faithful to You and to what You have called us to. May we love Your Torah for it teaches us what is sin and what is not. It shows us how very much we need You. It points us to Yeshua ha Mashiach…our Redeemer…our Lord…our Bridegroom!

Thank You.

b’shem Yeshua

Marana, ta!

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