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Prayer for November 30

November 30, 2009

Abba…what a time we live in. There are so many are facing financial struggles and it seems as if darkness is growing. As we look at our economy and what is being done to it…it can be difficult at times to keep our eyes upon You. As we look at so much evil being called “good”…it can be difficult to keep our eyes upon You. As we look at the onslaught against morality, righteousness and liberty…it can be difficult to keep our eyes upon You. Yet, we must.

Help us all, Abba, to always remember that YOU are our source…not a job…not a ministry…not ourselves. You are the One who provides. You are also the One sets the standard of morality and righteousness. You are Sovereign. Though the world may fight against You…You will prevail. The darkness may be growing, but You have a plan. You are allowing it for a reason. You are using it to call Your people who have strayed back to Yourself. You are also the One who gives true liberty. Only in You will we find true freedom.

Nothing happens, Abba, that You do not either allow or cause. You turn ALL things to good for those who love You and are called by Your name. Help us to keep our eyes on You, trusting that You are doing a work in us and in the world around us.

Abba, I especially lift up Your leaders during these times. Not only do they have to face their own struggles, but they are trying to be faithful to encourage and lift up others…to minister the body of Yeshua. They need people to come alongside of them to encourage them, too…and to minister to them.

Abba, please bring those faithful people. Whatever struggles those in leadership have…please bring them the support they need. Give them the gift of being able to be transparent with others. Help them in their struggles and in their faithfulness. Help them, too, Abba, to see when it is time for them to pull back for a bit and simply be ministered to. Touch them deeply with Your healing Shalom. Fill them perpetually with Your Ruach/Spirit.

I ask, too, that Your people will be faithful during these time to recognize that all they have that is good is a gift from You. Remind them to continue to give…not holding back due to these times…but rather…giving even more for the need is great amongst so many. Help us to all be mindful of each other, giving what we can of ourselves and of our resources. Help us to be faithful to share the hope that is within us. Help us to walk in Your Shalom and to be ready with an answer as to why we can do that.

Abba, we cannot stop the things of this world from effecting us, but we can walk in the faith and trust of knowing that Yeshua is walking with us…that He is moving within us and carrying us along. Help us all to be a light…YOUR light…shining in a darkened world. Help us to recognize what is truly important…especially as so many are losing the material things of life. And also as so many are losing precious loved ones.

Thank You, Abba, for family and faithful friends. May the lives of Your people and Your leaders be filled with those blessings, too. Open wide Your gates of provision on all the many needs in Your body. Open our eyes and hearts to see all the various kinds of needs and to fill them as You have filled ours.

b’shem Yeshua.

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