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Seasonal Prayer

December 14, 2009

Abba, no matter what holiday or festival we celebrate (or don’t celebrate), this seems to be a season when emotions tend to run more deeply…become more intensely felt. For some, there are the highs of anticipation, joy and celebration. But for some, there are the lows of loneliness, keenly felt distance from family (whether physical or emotional). Oftentimes there is this frenetic level of activity that can rob us of our physical and emotional wellness as the stress to keep us gets to us.

Abba, I know that a lot of your leaders not only need to be there for others, but some need others to be there for them. Many of them are committed to working with small congregations and far away from family or close friends. They may not be able to “go home” for a visit, causing them to feel the distance ever more keenly. Or…they may be able to go home and they realize all the more how much they miss their family the rest of the year.

Abba, there are some who, even though in leadership, are in despair. During this time when so many others are celebrating and embracing joy, they are haunted by their failings. They are burdened by hidden sins they dare not confess and ask for help with for fear of losing their income and being rejected by the very people from whom they most need to receive love and support.

Abba, there are those who are in such despair that they no longer even want to live. Perhaps depression has dogged them and they find themselves unable to rise above it. Perhaps they are caught in situations from which they see no way out. Perhaps they have already lost everything they had in this world. Perhaps they are suffering physically and see no end in sight to their pain and debilitations. Perhaps they are in intense emotional pain that just won’t seem to stop…or perhaps they are being challenged mentally and don’t understand what is going on.

Abba, none of these people…none of their situations…are unknown to You. You know and love each one intimately and desire for them to draw close to You…to reach out to You. Help them, Abba, please. You know exactly what each one most needs. Help them to sense You calling to them. Help them to sense Your presence, to hear Your voice. Fill them with Your healing Shalom and the fire of Your Ruach/Spirit. Comfort them. Strengthen them. Protect them from the evil one and from themselves. Bring them wisdom and clarity.

Abba, please bring faithful people alongside of Your leaders…helping them to minister to others and also ministering to them and their families as they need it. May we always…every day of the year…be filled with wonder at the thought of how the Light of the World came to dwell amongst us and His Ruach came to dwell within us…making us His temple. What an amazing thing to consider.

Help those who are lost see who Yeshua really is…especially Your Chosen people! May they embrace the Messiah they have awaited so long. May Your people shine Your light to the lost…working together in Your kingdom…side by side…each with their own gifts and callings. May this time of year be one of our taking every advantage we have to reach the lost.

Abba, I praise You and thank You for those who faithfully serve in Your name. Thank You for those who keep on keeping on in spite of the obstacle and challenges that are placed before them. Thank You for those who have made so many sacrifices to stay in Your service…those who seek to serve You in every area of their lives that they can.

Abba, most of all, I pray that we can each love You with all of our hearts, all of our souls, all of our minds, all of our strengths. May we love our neighbors as ourselves. Help us to understand who our neighbors really are and how to love You and them as You have commanded us to do. May we praise You and honor You above all else. May every area of our lives reflect who You are. b’shem Yeshua

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