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Prayer for the Dark Times

December 29, 2009

Abba, You know how life can sometimes hit Your people really hard…even Your leaders.  Sometimes there is a blackness that just seems to settle all around them and it feels as if it will swallow them. No matter what they try, it just keeps hitting. Prayer. Praise. Reading Your holy Word. Nothing seems to help.

Abba, I know what that feeling is like…having gone through it many times. Please touch Your people. Your leaders have it especially tough because they are expected to be there for others even when they are going through difficult times themselves. They often have no one with whom they can share their dark times. For some reason, Your people tend to put leaders in this category of not having struggles. So, they oftentimes will hide that they, or their family, are having difficulties.

Please bring those alongside of Your leaders and their families who will understand and accept them right where they are. People who will not expect them to be something different than the rest of us. We all struggle. Leaders, whether officially leaders or unofficially, are no different. They are human like the rest of us, yet You have called them with gifts and talents of leading. They need our love and support and prayers.

Abba, as we go through this difficult time as a country with moral and financial struggles, please open the floodgates of provision for Your people. Help those of us who have more to be faithful to bless those who have less. May we truly be an Acts congregation of believers. May we lay down our lives and give of ourselves for one another. May we love as You love. May we live lives that are holy and pure. May we obey the teachings You have given us about how we are to conduct ourselves in every area of our lives. May we put You first in every way.

Abba, help us and teach us how to love You with all of our hearts, our souls, our minds and our strengths. Teach us how to truly love one another and help us to love our neighbors as our selves. Help us to walk in Your ways, giving up our selfishness and self-centeredness. Teach us Your ways, O Lord. Ruach HaKodesh, please lead us and guide us. Give us Your wisdom…and especially give Your leaders wisdom that they may shepherd us wisely.

b’shem Yeshua

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