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March Prayer

March 8, 2010

Abba…You know how things in life can blindside us. Yet…they never blindside You. That is reassuring. No matter what is happening…no matter what we are struggling with…no matter what is causing us pain or stretching our faith…You know all about it. You knew about it from the beginning of time.

I praise You, Abba. You are all knowing, ever present, all wise, ever faithful, always loving (even in Your anger), ever so patient and beautiful beyond anything we can ever see or know. Thank You for being here with us. Thank You for sending Your Son Yeshua to show us who You really are…and who we really are.

I lift up to You, Abba, all those who are hurting and suffering, especially those who are suffering for Your name’s sake. Help us, Abba, to be ever mindful of the many ways in which You have blessed us. Help us to remember to share those blessings with others whenever possible. Help us to remember to bless the ones who are suffering with our prayers and with anything else we can do to help them.

Abba, You have leaders who are willing to take a stand and teach only righteousness. They refuse to teach anything that they understand to be contrary to Your word. They are taking a lot of heat for that, Abba…both from hasatan and from other “believers”. And the world, of course, does not like believers who stand fast and refuse to worship the idols of this world.

Abba, please fill Your leaders and their families and congregations with Your healing Shalom and with Your wisdom. Cover them with Your Ruach. Make them wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Make their integrity shine like the noonday sun. May all who see them recognize that they are filled with Your Ruach/Spirit. May they know that they are children of the Most High G-d and may they desire to be Your children, too.

Abba, I know that some are hurting. They are in so much physical pain…so much emotional pain…so much mental anguish. Heal their bodies. Heal their souls and minds and hearts. I thank You that You carry them…even when they are not aware of being carried. Make Your presence known to them. Help them to sense You right there with them.

Abba, there are many who are struggling financially or who are in situation that seem very precarious. We know that You are the only true provider. Move through Your people to meet each others’ needs. Help us all to share amongst one another…whether it be sharing of our spiritual gifts or of our financial gifts…whether it be a kind word, a meal, a smile, or babysitting so a couple can go out. Whatever it might be, Abba, do not easily allow us to waste what You have given us. Prick us. Stir us to share with each other as You have called us to do.

I praise You, Abba, and I thank You. There is none like You…none! You are awesome and above all.

May each one reading this be blessed. May they know how much they are loved and cared about.

b’shem Yeshua

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