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Prayer for Rest

March 29, 2010

Abba, what is heaviest on my heart right now is the need for Your people to rest in You. But resting in You can only come if we first trust You. Help us to truly trust You in all things and for all things. You see all…You know all. No one’s heart is hidden from You. Whether for good or for bad…You know it all. Whether for pride or for humility…You know it all. Whether in truthfulness or deception…You know it all. Whether intentional or accidental…You know it all. I am so thankful that nothing can be hidden from You and You will eventually bring all things out. You will also not leave us with work undone, but are faithful to complete all that You have begun in us…in spite of our weaknesses…in spite of our strengths…in spite of our imperfections…in spite of our humanness…in spite of our flesh.

Our adversary really wants to come against all of us in so many ways. Please help us all to trust you and rest in You and help us to allow Your love to flow through us. Help us to love You with all our hearts, all our souls, all our minds and all our strengths. Help us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Help us to know how to do those things. Help us to know who our neighbors really are. Help us to be forgiving of those who stumble, lifting them up.

I especially lift up those in leadership, Abba. They have such huge responsibilities. Please do not allow them to take on responsibilities that are not from You. So many times Your leaders take responsibility for things You have not given them. Open their eyes to see when they are doing that. So many times some of us in the congregations and assemblies try to put upon Your leaders more than You have given them. Open their eyes to see when that is happening so that they can say “no”.

Abba, help them and their families and loved ones to rest in You. Your leaders work so hard and they and their families make so many sacrifices for the sake of the sheep that You have called them to shepherd. Help them to rest. Help them to trust that You will not leave any stone unturned that You wish to be turned. You will not leave any word unspoken that You wish to be spoken.

Help them, too, to rest in the fact that You have many who have not bowed to idols. You have many others out there that they are not aware of. They only need to be concerned with that which You have given to them…with that which You have laid upon their hearts and spirits.

Abba, do not allow the adversary to weigh them down with condemnation and lies. Do not allow them to buy into the idea that they must win the world. You never told them to do that. You told all of us believers to go, preach the gospel and make disciples.  You are the One who wins the hearts of people. You are the one who calls them. It is not our sharing that calls them…You call them. We just share and those whom You have called will respond.

Abba, it breaks my heart to hear of people who are burdened with the idea that someone might end up in hell if they don’t go here or if they don’t say that or if they don’t…(fill in the blank)…as if You are incapable of reaching the very ones You are calling. I have read of Yeshua even appearing in dreams to people who have no other access. I have heard of missionaries reaching tribes who already worshiped You…they just did not know Your name. You WILL reach everyone…even in ways we know not of. You have written upon the hearts of humans their need for You. You are Faithful. You are love. The idea that You would condemn a person to hell for something we did or did not do goes against Your stated desire that none should be lost. It also goes against Your statement that no one will have an excuse…not even the excuse of no one preaching to them. It even goes against the whole idea of Yeshua paying the penalty for us. What Yeshua did is either accessible to all or it is not. You are Truth…not a man that You should lie.

We need to be obedient to Your calling…to Your commands…not out of fear that someone will be lost, but out of the joy that You have included us in a work for which You really do not even need us. It is Your pleasure and joy to partner with us and our honor and joy to be included in so great a work as the building of Your kingdom. Yeshua came to set us free. Help us all…and especially those in leadership…to rest in that freedom…doing Your work in joy!

Abba, I praise You. You are indescribable. What You have done is indescribable. You are amazing. You are complete and total love…a love beyond our earthly comprehension. Thank You for loving us SO much. Thank You for the work of Yeshua. Thank You, Yeshua, for being willing to do all that You did on our behalf. Oh, that we could even begin to really comprehend what You have done! Thank You, Holy Spirit, for actually deigning to dwell within us. Again…something so incomprehensible. If only we could fully grasp what that means. How differently might we live if we could really get a hold of all these things.

Abba, bring Your leaders and their families strength, courage, healing, humility, openness, transparency, persistence, a true godly love for the sheep You have brought to them, understanding, wisdom, knowledge, support, real fellowship, genuine friends, provision, solid co-workers. Abba, meet their every need on every level. Bless them in many ways and help them to know that they are loved. Kiss them today in some way, Abba, please. b’shem Yeshua

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