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Prayer for the Unexpected in Life

May 25, 2010

Abba, sometimes things happen in life that just take our breath away. And we are left waiting and watching to see what You will do next. Sometimes we have been so blessed that we just cannot believe that You could bless us any more. But, sometimes, we are so knocked down that we cannot imagine how You will get us out of the pit of darkness into which we have fallen. Or, perhaps, it is one of our loved ones who has fallen.

Abba, we need You. All of Your children need You…to lift us up…to walk us through the darkness that sometimes swirls all around us…while our adversary is shouting threats at us and whispering lies into our ears and hearts. We need You, Yeshua, to be our warrior…to be the lifter of our heads…to show us that we are not alone.

And, Abba, this is even more the case with many of Your leaders. When those dark pits appear…when the darkness over takes and surrounds them…some of them feel that they have no one in the body of Yeshua they can turn to. They are afraid of judgment and rejection…simply because they are leaders. As if leaders are somehow above all the trials and tribulations of this life. As if they and their families are so strong and will never struggle with temptations like the rest of us. What a lie from the pit, Abba, that they should be looked upon this way!!

Abba, I lift up Your leaders to You…and their loved ones. Please strengthen them…and comfort them in their struggles and in their losses. Please bring people from Your body who are trustworthy…who can walk with them…who can keep a confidence and who can recognize that no one is without struggle in some area.

Abba, I pray that Your leaders and their families never fall…but if they do…I pray that Your body will rally around them and minister healing grace to them…along with the accountability they need. May there be NO gossip. May there be NO condemnation. May there be NO rejection. Rather…let there be open arms…open hearts. Bring those who will weep with them…not just laugh with them. Bring those who will be a balm for their hearts and spirits…those who will help them to come to You. Give them rest and fill them with Your healing Shalom.

Thank You for all the ways they give of themselves for others, Abba. Please honor their love…their generosity…all the ways they reach out to others. Fill them with Your joy and give them the gift of laughter…just as You gave Yitz’chak (laughter, he will laugh) to Sara and Avraham. Fill their homes with laughter and joy! b’shem Yeshua

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