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Prayer for the Desperate

June 2, 2010

Abba…my heart is breaking as I pray for so many who are hurting. In the last week, I have heard about those who are suicidal…even very young ones. And I have heard of those who have done it…again…very young ones. So, so many hurting ones. So many in despair. Abba, You are the only One who can help them and who can comfort their families and friends. Please touch them all, Abba. Whatever the situations that are driving them…You have the answers.

Abba, oftentimes, it is Your people that the loved ones who have lost someone will turn to…and especially, Your leaders and their families. Help them, Abba, to help these grieving ones. Help them especially when it is one of their own family or congregation.

Abba, please give Your people a sense of Your presence. Please give the lost an understanding of Who to turn to. Please help Your leaders and their families as they try to deal with all of this. Give them comfort. Give them words. Help them to be there for each other and for others. Help us all to be there for them.

Abba, sometimes, no matter how we try to do things right…things fail. I know of those who are facing real financial crises right now…in spite of all their best efforts. Please be with them and comfort them. Help them to focus on what is really important. Help them to remember that You are the Provider and that whatever You have provided is enough.

Abba, You know that I have to remember that last part for myself and for my family, too. What You are providing us is enough…even when it does not feel like it. Abba…help us all to be strong in YOU. Help us all to draw close to YOU in all that is going on in the world at large…in communities…in congregations…in small groups…in our families. You are there for us all.

Abba…my spirit is groaning with prayers I cannot put into words. But You know my heart. You know the hearts of all Your children. Be with us. b’shem Yeshua

Marana, ta!

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  1. June 2, 2010 7:59 pm

    Almighty God, wants us to repent and turn to Him praying penitent prayers while seeking Him for wisdom. He has blessed and continues to bless our nation daily. We are witnessing the results of sin, greed, pride, and lust. He explicitly informed us that we would have troublesome times. Be of good courage He has overcome them all. God desire His people to pray during times of prosperity as well as despair. Challenging times are daunting, but we have hope in Christ Jesus. Humility brings us back to God and prayer is the means of communion with God to aid us to a place of solace. Continue to pray with sensitivity for your needs as well as others. God hears the prayers of the righteous and His ears are attentive to our needs.

    • June 2, 2010 9:06 pm

      So true. Many are suffering the consequences of their own choices. Many, too, are suffering the consequences of others’ choice against them. My prayer is that all will recognize their need for their Creator and for His Son Yeshua!

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