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You Are Awesome!

June 18, 2010

Abba, You are so awesome! With everything that is going on in this world, You are so faithful. You are above it all and yet within it all. You never leave us or forsake us. For reasons that we humans cannot begin to truly fathom, You deign to live within us. We are a human temple built of living stones. What a privilege! What an experience!

Abba, thank You for the challenges we face…for, in them, You draw us into an intimacy with You that is beyond measure. You love us SO much…if only we could truly comprehend how much!

Abba, touch each one of Your children. Yeshua, touch Your bride and call her to Yourself. Ruach, perfect us according to Your purpose and plan for us. Prepare us for the wedding feast of the Lamb!

Abba, there are so many in need. Please touch each one. Meet our deepest needs…which are not always what we think they are. Abba, I know You are the true Provider. Please help us all to trust You that You are providing our greatest needs. Please help us to give You the glory in every area of our lives…especially the areas of greatest need.

Abba, please bring Your healing Shalom and Your comfort to those who are hurting…whether physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. You know all the hurts that go deep into our souls and spirits. Restore us. Heal us. Comfort us. You are the Lifter of our heads. Cause our faces to look into Yours. Cause us to see how very special we are to You.

Abba, strengthen us for the battles ahead. Give us wisdom for the times we live in. Make us wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Make us witnesses of Your glory and love to a lost world. Help us to strengthen the weak and comfort the grieving. Help us to be Your arms, Your feet, Your mouth. May we speak Your words and give Your holy touch to others.

Abba, I especially ask all of this for those whom You have raised up into leadership. We are all priests in Yeshua’s body, but some have an extra giftedness in leadership. Protect them and their families. Watch over them with a special care. May we in the body support them and be true friends to them. May we be trustworthy in all regards. b’shem Yeshua

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