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Thanksgiving and Praise

September 18, 2010

Abba…You know every detail of our lives. Nothing is hidden from You. What a comfort to know this. You share in our rejoicings. You share in our sorrows. Thank You, Abba, for always being here with us. Thank You for touching our lives…for sharing of Your Spirit. Thank You for creating such beauty. I am so grateful that You will someday remove the sin from our world and restore it to Your perfectness.

Thank You for beautiful music. Thank You for creativity. Thank You for creating us in Your image. Thank You for Your many blessings in our lives. Thank You for the many ways in which You touch us and bless us. Thank You for the many challenges You bring our way in order to cause us to grow. Thank You for creating the universe in all of its grandeur and beauty.

Abba, please lead us and guide us. Help us with the things that are coming toward us that we know nothing about yet. Thank You for Your provision…in the past…in the present…in the future to come.

I ask that You especially touch those in Yeshua’s body who have leadership responsibilities. Give them wisdom. Help them to lead according to Your plan. Help them to hear Your voice and to walk in Your Spirit. Help us all to, Abba. Help us to work together as one body across the world for Your glory. Help us to put aside insignificant differences. Help us to recognize what is important and what is not.

Abba…comfort those who are mourning or hurting. Heal the wounded, please…whether in mind, body or spirit. Please be with the lonely and provide for those who are in need. Please work through the body so that we can be Yeshua’s hands and voice and feet. Help us to be ever mindful of Whose we really are. b’shem Yeshua

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