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Prayer for Faithful Leaders

December 31, 2010

Abba, thank You for all these faithful men and women who love You and just want to serve You in any way they can. Thank You for their families and loved ones who also love and serve You. Many of them are going through a lot of things in this life.

I know some are facing financial struggles…yet You are faithful. I pray that You continue to provide for them and show Yourself to be Mighty for them. Please give them favor with their creditors.

Some have recently lost loved ones. Others lost loved ones during the year and have been experiencing Hanukkah or Christmas for the first time without them. Others are missing loved ones they lost in previous years. They are all grieving, Abba. Please comfort them as only You can.

Abba, some are continuing to experience sickness and/or pain…either their own or a loved one’s. Please bring Your complete healing. Touch them all deeply in whatever area needs to be touched. Please heal them or give their doctors’ wisdom in knowing how to treat them.

Some, Abba, are just plain hurting…emotionally or mentally. I ask that You be with them in a special way. Only You know what they truly need. Help to meet that need. Hold them closely and fill them with Your healing Shalom.

Abba, in all these things, please raise up Your body to be Your hands and feet and voice. May we all shine Your light in the darkness. May we love You through loving others. You said that pure religion is taking care of orphans and widows. May we do that. Open our eyes to see the orphans and widows of today. They aren’t always only those without fathers or mothers or spouses. Help us to see that and reach out to them.

There are many lonely people out there, Abba. May we bring Your love to them. Help us to look beyond ourselves to see others as You see them. Help us to love them as You love them. May we never forget who we are in You. May we never neglect, when given the opportunity, to share that with others who also need to see (or be reminded) of who they are and who You are. b’shem Yeshua

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