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February 26, 2011

Abba, this is a time of so much uncertainty. Things are happening all across the world that can cause us to wonder where we are on Your timeline and what is around the corner. Help us to focus on You and not on all that is going on around us. Give us wisdom. Give us the awareness we need and lead us and guide us in the steps YOU want us to take. Protect us from fear.
Abba, I especially lift up those in leadership and their families. Help them to lead Your assemblies wisely. Help them to prepare Your people for whatever is coming. Please cause them to teach wisely. Remove all false teachers and prophets from our midst. Help us to be Bereans…searching the scriptures daily to see if these things truly be so.

Abba, help us all to be bold in sharing You with others. Help us to minister to the lost…to those who are still living in darkness. May our lives be beacons of light to those who need to see. May Your Holy Spirit be so strong and alive in us…may we be so surrendered to You…that those around us see You instead of us. May we be Your people proclaiming through our lives that You are real and that You love us and make a real difference in our lives.

Abba, please pour Your healing Shalom upon all of Your people. Bring Your healing in every area where it is needed. Please cause all of us to rise up and use the gifts You have blessed us with for Your kingdom. May we not be presumptuous, Abba, but may we boldly move as You have called us to move. May we not lose heart or grow weary in well doing.

Abba, please lead us and direct us to those who need that cup of water, that clothing, that meal, that word of kindness. Lead us to the widow and the orphan who need help…to the poor, the hungry and thirsty. Lead us to the couple who need help to keep their marriage together. Lead us to those who need to be set free from the many bondages that exist in this world. Help us to share with others the Good News that You unlocked all of our chains of bondage. Keep us faithful to You as You are faithful to us. B’shem Yeshua

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